Board of Directors

K.C. Kavanagh

K.C. Kavanagh was appointed to the board of directors by affirmative vote on November 5, 2020Ms. Kavanagh is a C-level communications leader. A current member of Bacardi Limited’s Global Leadership Team and formerly a member of the 12-person Senior Leadership Team of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, K.C. has significant experience leading global communications efforts across 150+ countries, including a deep understanding of emerging markets like China, India, and the Middle East. Ms. Kavanagh has led communications teams that have played an outsized role in influencing corporate culture, innovation, brand positioning, unit growth, and financial results. During her time at Starwood, Ms. Kavanagh was a key member of the M&A team and a leader of the Company’s integration team during a high-profile merger with Marriott International, delivering sensitive and transparent communications internally and externally.

An experienced speechwriter and seasoned 24/7 crisis manager, she has managed global-scale crises, beginning with the events of 9/11, when she was tasked by Starwood’s Board to spearhead a new 60-person Crisis Management Team that strengthened protocols, operations, and communications globally. Adept at taking complex strategies and making them understandable and exciting across a diverse and global employee population, Ms. Kavanagh has helped create cultures that embrace change centered on technology, globalization, and lifestyle brands. We believe that Ms. Kavanagh is qualified to serve as a member of our board of directors because of her experience in communications, marketing, branding and public relations as well as her superior leadership skills.