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SenesTech Announces Distribution Agreement and Initial Order for ContraPest® in Maldives
Further Expansion in the Region is Contemplated in the Agreement

PHOENIX, June 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- SenesTech, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNES, "SenesTech" or the "Company"), ( the rodent fertility control experts and inventors of the only EPA registered contraceptive for male and female rats, announced entry into a Distribution Agreement with Pesterminators Pvt Ltd of Maldives ("Pesterminators") for the deployment of ContraPest® into Maldives. As Pesterminators is part of an multinational pest control organization, the potential expansion of the agreement throughout the region is contemplated in the agreement.

"Pesterminators is a leading provider of pest management solutions, committed to providing the best possible service while maintaining a safe and sustainable environment. As such, that makes them a perfect partner, and makes ContraPest the perfect addition to their integrated pest management programs," said Joel Fruendt, SenesTech's President and CEO.

"Our discussions include more than the Maldives, however. With Pesterminators, I fully expect that we have the right partner for expansion into new markets in South Asia," continued Mr. Fruendt.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with SenesTech and the distribution of ContraPest® in the Maldives," stated Mr. Sathes Ramachandran, CEO of Pesterminators Pvt Ltd. "At Pesterminators, we are dedicated to delivering effective pest management solutions while prioritizing the safety and sustainability of our environment. The addition of ContraPest to our integrated pest management programs aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovative and eco-friendly strategies."

"This collaboration with SenesTech opens up exciting possibilities beyond the Maldives. With their support and expertise, we are confident in our ability to expand into new markets in South Asia, catering to the growing demand for advanced rodent control solutions," Mr. Ramachandran added.

About SenesTech
We are the experts in rat fertility control. Our passion is to create a healthy environment by better controlling rat pest populations. We keep an inescapable truth in mind. Two rats and their descendants can be responsible for the birth of up to 15,000 pups after a year. We invented ContraPest, the only U.S. EPA registered contraceptive for male and female rats. ContraPest fits seamlessly into all integrated pest management programs, greatly improving the overall goal of effective rat management. We strive for clean cities, efficient businesses, and happy households – with a product that was designed to be effective and sustainable without killing rats.  At SenesTech, we are committed to improving the health of the world by humanely managing animal populations through fertility control.

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About Pesterminators
Pesterminators Pvt Ltd, a leading pest control organization in the Maldives, is dedicated to providing comprehensive and sustainable pest management solutions. With a focus on customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability, and cutting-edge technologies, Pesterminators has emerged as a trusted name in the industry.

Pesterminators understands the unique pest challenges faced in the Maldives. Their team of highly trained professionals possesses extensive knowledge of local pest species, their behaviors, and effective strategies for control and eradication. From rodents to insects and termites, Pesterminators has the expertise to tackle any pest-related issue efficiently and effectively. Pesterminators sets itself apart through its holistic approach to pest management. They embrace integrated pest management (IPM) techniques, prioritizing long-term prevention and eco-friendly solutions. By minimizing the use of harmful pesticides and adopting sustainable practices, Pesterminators preserves the delicate ecological balance of the Maldives.Committed to excellence, Pesterminators believes in building lasting relationships with clients by providing personalized attention and tailored solutions. Thorough inspections, education on pest prevention, and ongoing support ensure a pest-free environment.

Pesterminators proud to partner with SenesTech, Inc., a leader in rodent fertility control. This collaboration highlights Pesterminators' commitment to integrating innovative solutions into their services. As a result, Pesterminators now proudly offers ContraPest®, the only EPA registered contraceptive for male and female rats, further enhancing their ability to combat rodent populations sustainably.

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For further information about the partnership and the availability of ContraPest in the Maldives, please contact the Pesterminators media relations department at or through contact numbers +960 334 2930/ +960 972 1122 / +960 971 5511 / +960 971 2211

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