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SenesTech Announces ContraPest® Deployment at a Major Correctional Facility
ContraPest®, the one and only EPA approved birth control product for rats, addresses the unique challenges controlling rat populations in this unique customer segment.

PHOENIX, Feb. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SenesTech, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNES) (, the rodent fertility control expert announced today the deployment of ContraPest® at a correctional facility, the first such deployment into a large customer segment. This 2,500 bed, medium security facility encompasses approximately 20 acres and a dozen plus structures and has the added challenge of being near waste transfer facilities. This is the first known deployment by a pest management professional (PMP) into a major correctional facility.

Challenges in a correctional facility setting revolve around access and security. Often times, rat activity overlaps with where the prisoners are: cells, exercise areas, or cafeteria areas, limiting what products may be used and how access for service is managed. In some instances, bait stations must be secured in additional ways, such as their own special locked cages to prevent access. There is also an issue of continuous inflow, as rodents are frequently brought in by truck, or migrate in from the nearby waste facility. This all adds layers of complexity to the ease and frequency of service, as well as what can be used and where.

"Since ContraPest is a non-lethal, low risk liquid birth control for rats, it addresses the challenges of controlling rat populations in these settings in a highly effective, long term and sustainable way, often eliminating rat populations by at least 94 percent. We are committed to working with the pest management professionals and expanding the use of ContraPest into a wide variety of settings, including institutional correctional facilities," said Ken Siegel, SenesTech's CEO.

ContraPest is a liquid formulation that is high in fat, sweet tasting and very attractive to rats, which need to consume approximately 10 percent of their body weight in water each day. Deployed in traditional bait boxes, ContraPest targets the reproductive capabilities of both sexes in rat populations, inducing egg loss in female rats and impairing sperm development in males. ContraPest is available for use in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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