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Bob Ramsey

Mr. Bob Ramsey was elected to our board of directors in January 2016. Since 1978, Mr. Ramsey has served as chief executive officer of Starwest Associates, which develops and implements new business models in public partnerships for ambulance and EMS services. Mr. Ramsey also currently serves as chief executive officer of the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to charitable work in the fields of global sustainability and affordable housing for at-risk and vulnerable populations, including women and children. The Ramsey Social Justice Foundation is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. Mr. Ramsey has been appointed by six different Arizona governors to various Arizona state boards and commissions, including the Arizona Department of Health Services Emergency Medical Services Council on which he has served continuously since 1988. Mr. Ramsey holds a Bachelor of Arts from Arizona State University, and Arizona State University has named a school after Mr. Ramsey. We believe Mr. Ramsey is qualified to serve as a member of our board of directors because of his experience and knowledge of business development, global sustainability, charitable organizations and state and local government.

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