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We have developed and are seeking to commercialize globally a proprietary technology for managing animal pest populations through fertility control. We believe our innovative non-lethal approach, targeting reproduction, is more humane, less harmful to the environment, and more effective in providing a sustainable solution to pest infestations than traditional lethal pest management methods. Our approach is designed to promote food security and reduce infrastructure damage, disease outbreaks, environmental contamination and other costs associated with rodent infestations. Our first fertility control product candidate, ContraPest, will be marketed for use in controlling rat populations. We are pursuing regulatory approvals for ContraPest in various jurisdictions, including the U.S., India, Argentina and the European Union (EU). We submitted ContraPest for registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or the EPA, on August 23, 2015, and the EPA granted registration approval for ContraPest effective August 2, 2016. We believe ContraPest is the first fertility control product approved by the EPA for the management of rodent populations. However, before we can begin selling ContraPest in the U.S., we must obtain registration from the various state regulatory agencies. To date, we have received registration for ContraPest in 13 states, with additional applications pending. Other business initiatives include expanding our technology to other species and applications, and developing bio-synthetic sources of triptolide, an active ingredient in ContraPest that also has pharmaceutical applications. This initiative may produce a less expensive source of triptolide for our own use, and provide us with the potential opportunity to earn revenue from the sale of such product to our licensees and other potential consumers of triptolide.

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